Yeetek offers a wide range of solutions that consist of wire harnesses or cable assemblies for multi application. We provide service from prototyping, small or large scale production runs, and functional/quality testing.We have access to a wide cross-section of cables, connectors, application tooling, testing fixtures and adapters to meet industry and customers increasing demands for quality product.

We provide a top-quality, cost-effective solution.Our production capabilities not only enable us to create cable assemblies in any configuration, they also allow complete manufacturing traceability.

Our products have been shipped domestic and aboard to America, Europe, Asia.

Yeetek is completely compliant with RoHS standard. On top of that, Yeetek is equipped with modern production lines, dominating the unique advantages in OEM area.

Wire Harness

  • Electrical cable assemblies
    Multi-conductor interface assemblies
    Connector-to-board assemblies
    Lighting cable assemblies
    Automotive assemblies
    Transportation cable assemblies
    Power transmission assemblies
    Wire Processing and Termination
    RF Cables Assemblies
    Over Molded Assemblies
    Customized, Build to Print Capabilities
    Prototype and Pre-production Units for Evaluation
    Power Cords
    Low Volume/High Mix
    High Volume/Low Mix
    Tooling and Testing Development

  • Yeetek Electronics (Dongguan, China)

    Contact: Bryan Ye


    Address: No.8 Shanglang Road, Shabian Village,

    Xiabian Precinct, Chang’an Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

    Tel:  +86 769 89100598

    Fax:  +86 769 89100597

Yeetek  Electronics

Compliance with environmental & ethical regulations: It is crucial for Yeetek to ensure that the validated factory complies with the ethical standards commonlyadopted in Western countries for ethical business practices.