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IC and electronic components supply

We know the business with 20 + years’ experience in electronic parts suppliers.


Electronic components distributor based in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the biggest distribution centers for electronic parts.
Quick responded, favorable payment terms

Our line cards

PCB supply

Based on 3 different PCB supplier networks, Yeetek proposes 3 complementary business models to cover all your needs in low, medium, large volumes.


Quick Turn Services Model (Small Volume & Express)

  • New model for small quantities and quick services (typically ≤ 5 days)

  • Quality guaranteed by Yeetek ultra modern test laboratory

  • Small suppliers + pooling + many parts + logistic optimization + quality inspection 


Technical Trading Services Model (Small & Medium Volume) :

  • Traditional activities for High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) businesses

  • Buy & Resale system, standard lead time, Full services


Ultra Low Cost Services Model (Large Volume) :

  • Low cost model for large volumes & automotive businesses

  • Inspection + quality control

Wire harness & cable assembly

Yeetek has significant skills and expertise to bring you from OEM requiring simple cable assemblies to complex wiring harnesses, you can be ensured that Yeetek will provide a high-quality service.

As a professional wire harness supplier and cable assembly supplier, whether your requirement is for a single-ended wire or a full harness complete with connectors, switches and fuses, we will be happy to serve from here.

Wide range of products experience:

  • SFP connectors

  • Magnetic RJ45 jacks 

  • Modular jacks + USB

  • Modular jacks + HDMI 

  • IP camera link cables

  • DC jack series

  • Sinking plate RJ45 connectors

  • 10/100/1000 base – TX modular jacks

  • DVI series

  • HDMI series

  • FPC series

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