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How to Get Ahead in Electronics with Yeetek Electronics PCB Assembly?

Yeetek Electronics has been focusing on high-reliability PCB assembly for more than twenty years, providing one-stop electronic manufacturing services such as PCB manufacturing, electronic component procurement, SMT patch, DIP plug-in welding, PCB assembly testing, and conformal coating.

Yeetek Electronics is equipped with electronic engineers and QE engineers with more than ten years working experience in electronics industry. Structural engineers and other engineering teams can ensure reliable quality.

In order to reduce the cost of customer procurement and supply chain management, Yeetek Electronics has set up a professional electronic component procurement team, including electronic procurement engineers, BOM engineers, etc., and established strategic partnership with well-known electronic component distributors and original manufacturers at home and abroad.

Yeetek Electronics has PCBA full-process manufacturing equipment, including automatic solder paste printing machine, SMT mounter, ten temperature zone reflow soldering, wave soldering, conformal coating machine, AOI, X-ray detection, FAI first-piece detection, SPI solder paste detection, ICT circuit detection, FCT function detection and other equipment's.

Assembling capabilities

  • Prototype PCB assembly

  • Cable harness assembly

  • Lead-free PCB assembly

  • Mixed process PCB assembly

  • Consignment PCB components

  • Small volume PCB assembly

  • Large capacity PCB assembly

  • PCB assembly rework

  • Electromechanical components

  • Quick-turn PCB assembly

  • Box structure assembly

  • Multilayer PCB module

  • All turnkey PCB assembly

  • Low cost PCB components

  • Medium volume PCB assembly

  • BGA component

  • Via-hole PCB assembly

  • Electromechanical components

Testing & Inspection Capabilities:

We not only help you assemble PCBs, but also provide testing as a part of our assembly service. This helps us ensures that the assembled circuit board is free from any defects. Here are our testing capabilities:

  • X-ray Testing: This testing is commonly performed on Quad-flat, No-lead (QFN) PCBs, and Ball Grid Arra ys(BGAs).

  • Visual Inspection: As the name implies, visual inspection involves a general quality check of the circuit board.

  • Functional Testing: In this, we check the functionality of the PCB, and ensure whether the performance is according to the expectations.

  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI): We perform the automated optical inspection to check whether any components are missing. The solder paste, polarity, and 01005 components are also checked in this inspection.

  • In-Circuit Testing (ICT): In-circuit testing is done to check whether there are any shorts, or opens in the circuit. Besides this, it also checks the capacitance, resistance, and other quantities to ensure that the PCB assembly is done right.

  • FAI Testing: first article inspection

SMT PCB Assembly Capabilities

Yeetek Electronics is equipped with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and sophisticated machinery to support the fabrication. We also have highly trained and experienced personnel to make sure your job is done faster with high quality.

Our capabilities in high quality SMT PCB assembly services include, but not limited to:

  • Cutting-edge prototype SMT assembly line ensuring fast and flexible production.

  • Vast inventory of production- ready components for ensuring faster production.

  • Advanced machines providing unrivalled technical capability and product quality.

  • BGA removal and replacement station, SMT IR rework station, and thru-hole rework station.

  • Clean, well-organized and secure environment for the final assembly.

  • Inspection and testing using X-ray analysis, AOI, Microscope to 20X.

  • Expertise in assembling single and double sided SMT boards in the following types:

  1. Ball Grid Array (BGA)

  2. Ultra-Fine Ball Grid Array (uBGA)

  3. Quad Flat Pack No-Lead (QFN)

  4. Quad Flat Package (QFP)

  5. Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC)

  6. Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC)

  7. Package-On-Package (PoP)

  8. Small Chip Packages (pitch of 0.2 mm)

  9. SMT PCB Assembly in conformance to AS9100 REV-D+ISO-9001-2015 Certification

THT PCB Assembly Capabilities

Through-hole PCB assembly is referred to as a mounting scheme, in which electronic components are inserted through holes drilled into PCBs and soldered to pads on the opposite side either by using automated insertion mount machine or manual assembly.

At Yeetek Electronics, we offer a complete range of through-hole manufacturing capabilities including auto-insertion, wave, and selective soldering. More to this, we also offer automated component insertion of both radial and axial components.

At Yeetek Electronics, we use both manual and automated through-hole techniques for placing radial and axial components. When it comes to small-volume production, we usually prefer automated through-hole PCB technique. This helps reduce material handling and labor.

Our manual technique can handle complex through-hole assembly challenges. This technique is designed to minimize operator movement as well as product travel. Documentation along with in-process checks ensure the complete and accurate population of the assembly.

Wave-soldering is utilized for both through-hole and surface mount components. However, we prefer to use it for through-hole components. Moreover, in mixed technology PCBs are both reflowed and wave-soldered.

At Yeetek Electronics, we offer the following through-hole assembly services:

  • Manual Insertion of Components

  • Hand Soldering

  • Radial and Automate Insertion

  • Double Wave Flow Solder

  • Legacy Assembly or RoHS Soldering using tin-lead solder

  • Make use of low and high melting point solder

  • Inspection and functional testing

  • Conformal Coating

  • Encapsulation of PCB

  • Device Programming

Our Advantages

  • No minimum order quantity required (MOQ)

  • Oriented by the specific needs of the customer

  • Quick response to new customer needs

  • Optimal ratio between quality and price

  • Capability and reliability

Yeetek Electronics provides a one-stop solution for PCB assembly services with specialized support, reliable testing, and multi-functional features. In case if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at

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