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Smart toilet bidet supplier, Yeetek Electronics

People have strong opinions about washing their butts, but one thing is for sure: The Yeetek smart toilet bidet is better than most other bidet seat at dialing in your exact preferences—pulsating or oscillating stream, warm or cool water, high or low pressure.

Toilet seat heating

The heated toilet profile seat provides maximum comfort and keeps you warm and comfortable. Adjustable temperature settings allow users to create and maintain a perfect warmth level. In autumn and winter, it can be heated to a temperature suitable for the human body, and the seat ring can be opened to prevent burns; after use, the dirt on the toilet will be automatically removed.

Adjustable warm air dryer

Use smart toilet with multi-speed warm air to bake instead of paper wipe. Healthy toning clean upgrade

After cleaning, warm air is used to replace paper wipes, which reduces the consumption of paper towels and is more healthy and environmentally friendly. Five levels of temperature adjustment can easily take away residual moisture, leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Smart toilet bidet nozzle

The smart toilet has a movable nozzle for female washing, which can be replaced according to different needs. It will bring you the best buttocks cleaning, comfortable feminine cleaning and effective turbo cleaning.

The self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle adds to the elegance already provided, with a three-in-one function, use this durable and effective component to minimize maintenance and cleaning needs. Health care, health care, feminine cleaning, buttocks cleaning, nozzle self-cleaning, mobile massage cleaning, and multiple washing options provide you with a comfortable and healthy life.

Glowing Night Light

LED night light enhance the comfort of night use led night lights emit a soft shimmer from the inside. The soft, illuminated night light of the will highlight your path to the restroom. The warm, inviting glow from the toilet seat allows you the chance to rest easy without suffering from bright lights in the middle of the night. If darkness is preferred, the night light is effortlessly turned off with the touch of a button.

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